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Church on the Move - Livie Sanchez

I sense that one of the words over our church right now is movement. I have an opinion that it is forward movement and that God is leading us onward. As a community we are in the process of changing location,
even as we've signed a lease to stay a bit longer; we are also seeing movement in the transition of our Youth and Children's Ministries. One area that has impressed me is the spontaneous increase of our community going out to other nations for ministry. This is not Metro leaders sending or organizing people to go to the nations. This is the desire of our congregation to go out and serve the nations. I can only share with you about the people and groups that I know about but I recognize that there are probably others.

In the last year, Amy, Tammy, and Jason went to Nepal and India; Judah went to Haiti on a medical mission; Mary went to Cuba and Guatemala; Carol, Jessica, and I went to Cambodia; and I've heard that Randy just got home from a trip to Nepal where I'm sure he blessed our missionaries. Pam Arlund is now in Cambodia and China; Gary Abbott and Abel Dossou leave for Madagascar this week; and Tony and I are traveling to Italy and Slovenia next week. Yvonne, Coen, Jenee, Shammah, and Sam are leaving in May for Cambodia, and the Kawase family also leaves in May for Japan and Taiwan. Next month the Global Storm team led by Jacob and Ryan are taking college students to Nepal and India; Lida will also be joining this trip. We have so many with a heart to serve and go and they are doing just that.

We would like to highlight what God is doing among us and we want to embrace Him as He moves on people's hearts. Our desire is to communicate this mission movement to the church in a way that will allow the church to participate by prayer or giving, or perhaps by joining a team. We want everyone to be part of the excitement and blessing.

If you go to Metro and are going on a missions trip, please let us know about your trip. Tell us about your plans: where you are going, the dates of your trip, what you'll be doing, who you'll be seeing that our body may know, and how we can pray for you. We would love to be able to pray for you and we want to communicate your plans so that our church body can invest in some way in your trip. We will all be blessed as we participate together in what God is doing.

Please contact Sara Wagner in the church office and let her know the details of your trip so that we can share it with everyone in our body: 816-214-4900 or swagner@metro-kc.org.

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