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In the hands of God-by Cathy Carnes

I have this bracelet that I had made when my two oldest grandchildren were born. It is their birthstones on it. I wore it a lot when I first got it and then when I moved to my own place in May of this year, I put it up so I would not lose it. After the boys were diagnosed with Neiman Pick Disease, Type C, I was rummaging through what little jewelry I have and found this little bracelet that was hiding in the back. I started wearing it again to remind me to pray constantly for their healing. In specifically, their physical healing! You know, God wants specifics, so that is what I am doing. I put it on the alter at church on November 2, as a surrender to God to work a miracle. I took it off the alter after church that Sunday and put it back on my arm and went on with life that week. I wore it all week and never took it off as a commitment to pray, pray, pray. I woke up the next Sunday and it was not on my arm. I became frantic, like this little piece of jewelry was everything, my whole life. In my head for just a minute, I had thought, if I lost this little piece of jewelry, I had lost my grandchildren.

I went on to church with a Niemen pick bracelet that was orange that I put on the alter instead. I went on with life, trying to figure out what I had done with that other bracelet. I had torn my house up looking for it as I was crying out for God to deliver it back to me, I was told that if you ask in the name of Jesus, make this appear it would…. So that is what I did……
IN THE NAME OF JESUS, MAKE THIS BRACELET APPEAR…. Three days went by and no bracelet.

I was getting dressed one morning ……. Wanting to wear this sweatshirt that someone gave me that says….. ETERNALLY FREE. with the verse John 3:16 on it. I went to put in on Tuesday morning and as I unwrapped it, the bracelet that I so desperately cried out for dropped out. It had been covered up in this sweatshirt that says “Eternally Free.” John 3:16---For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him, shall not perish but have eternal life.

What a blessing to know that God has my grandbabies in his hands, and to know that if all of us, as people will just allow God to take control of our lives, life would be so much more peaceful, because only God can give me peace.

Someone so dear to me wanted me to think of why that bracelet was taken from me those couple of days…… Was it because I needed to surrender once again to God and allow Jesus, the Redeemer of all, to actually take control of the situation with my grandchildren? With my life? Was I to surrender my faith and control once again? Was it time to let The Holy Spirit do his work here with the boys?

It is when we surrender our lives over to God that peace comes and abundant love overflows. Will you allow God to take control of your life today?