About Us

Metro Christian Fellowship is an evangelical charismatic church on the south side of Kansas City, Missouri. Our worship services embrace heartfelt worship, expression of spiritual gifts, prayer for the sick and teaching from the Bible. Visit us at our website.

Six Questions: John Ho

· Where were you born? Taiwan
· When were you born again? 13 years old
· What is your favorite bible book? Proverbs/Ecclesiastes
· Dream vacation spot: Fiji /Maldives /Great Barrier Reef
· What is your middle name? No middle name
· Do you have a favorite hobby or sport? Architecture / Travel/ Tennis / Golf

12 Questions: Seth Parks

Where were you born? Cloquet, MN

Favorite Psalm? 23. It’s been part of me since I was a wee little.

What is your middle name? Adam

Favorite season? Spring. It’s so refreshing to see signs of new life after a long time without.

Favorite place I’ve ever visited? Israel and Morocco. The old cobblestone streets and ancient architecture and old ladies selling piles of fresh-made bread on a blanket.

Breakfast food? Toast. With a little old-fashioned cow butter. Mmm.

Favorite book of the Bible? Hebrews. It’s such an awesome explanation of Jesus as the Great Priest who made a way for me.

Dream Vacation Spot? Yellowstone Park, Montana

Hobby? Husbandry

Coke or Pepsi? Coke. Hands down.

Your childhood dream job? Garbage Man. Because those guys looked so tough and rugged.

Family? My perfect wife, Erin, and my little 2 ½ year old wonder boy, Jedidiah.

All About Bobby Taylor

I grew up in Waynesville, IL. Population, less than 500.
I graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Music.

My wife Rachel and I were married on Aug 3, 2004.
We have a 20 month old son named Jaxon and we have another son on the way.

I grew up in church and I accepted the Lord into my heart when I was 7 years old. My testimony is that I have never known a day without the Lord.

I am passionate about seeing people grow and walk in their calling. I am also passionate about coffee!!

I play and listen to music all the time but I also love to read.
A new hobby of mine is playing legos with my son.

11 Questions: Sharon Childress

  • Where were you born? Norfolk, VA

  • Where were you born again? In my heart J ..when I was 8

  • What is your middle name? Elizabeth

  • Favorite season? Anything but Winter!

  • Favorite chip flavor: Cheetos - the puffy ones are the best

  • Breakfast Food? Eggs every day!

  • Favorite book of the Bible? Psalms in the New King James

  • Dream Vacation Spot? Wherever there's a beach!

  • Hobby? Doing crossword puzzles to help with that memory thing

  • Coke or Pepsi? Definitely Pepsi - it's sweeter!

  • Your childhood dream job? Hair Stylist